TruFLOW™ Classic Manifold Assembly With Isolation and Balancing Valves, (6), Brass

WIRA2660601 MFG #: A2660601
Uponor TruFLOW™ Manifold Assembly, Classic, 6 Outlets, 145 psi, 220 deg F, Brass, 12.4 in H x 15.5 in W
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Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems
UNS C3850 Brass|1-1/4 in manifold body|1.9 Cv loop|R32 manifold body threaded connections|R20 manifold loop threaded connections|TruFLOW Jr, Manifolds are fully assembled ready for installation, The TruFLOW balancing hex key is used on the internal balancing valves of the supply manifold|Accessories: A2610020: TruFLOW Loop Thermometer, A2610100: TruFLOW Manifold Extension Kit, A3010522: 4-Wire Thermal Actuator, A3020416: 2-Wire Thermal Actuator, A2620021: TruFLOW Classic Manifold Mounting Bracket, single bracket, A2620002: TruFLOW Balancing Hex Key, A2400032: Basic End Cap Gasket, spare part, R32, A2620008: Replacement O-ring for 1-1/4 in BSP Connection, A2620009: Replacement O-ring for TruFLOW Temperature/Flow Meter, A2631250: TruFLOW Manifold S and R Ball Valves, A2631251: Manifold S&R Ball Valves with Temperature Gauges, set of 2, A2631252: Manifold S&R Ball Valves set of 2, A2640027: TruFLOW Visual Flow Meter 0.25 to 2.0 gpm|6-loop
ASTM F877, IMC, IRC, NPC of Canada, NSF-rfh, R32: ISO 228-G 1-1/4, R20: ISO 228-G 3/4 B, UMC
PEX Fittings
14.14 lb
H: 4.25 in x W: 13.25 in x L: 20.5 in