Cutting Oil With Sulphur Base, 1 gal, Can, Liquid, Dark Amber, Slight Hydrocarbon

HER40120 MFG #: 40120
Hercules® Cutting Oil, 1 gal, Can, Liquid, Dark Amber, Slight Hydrocarbon, >340 deg F Flash, 0.906 Specific Gravity, 27.5 to 33.5 mm2/s Viscosity Index, Composition: >95% Petroleum Hydrocarbon Mixture
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For cutting clean, unbroken threads during manual or low rpm threading machine operations on small sizes of steel and brass pipe and also applicable for hacksawing and light drilling
Proposition 65 Warning
Contain activated sulfur to provide anti-weld properties, reduce friction and prevent excessive heat generation, thus minimizing material expansion resulting in ill-fitting joints|Oils maintains a continuous contact of the lubricant with the work assuring quick, accurate and high quality cuts with minimal tool wear|Lubricants contain no nitrosamine forming compounds or chlorinated oils|Clear cutting oil is a blend of high quality mineral oils with sulfur base|Excellent lubrication for cutting sharp threads|465 to 900 deg F boiling points|< 10 g/L VOC|27.5 to 33.5 mm2/s at 40 deg C viscosity index|0.906 at 25 deg C specific gravity
NSF Approved|USDA Complies | California Provision: WARNING: Cancer -
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