2 oz 300 Degree Plumbers Grease

HER40601 MFG #: 40601
Hercules® Plumber's Grease, Can, 2 oz, Mineral Base, Composition: 80 to 95% Petroleum Based Lubricating Oil, 1 to 10% Fumed Silica, Liquid, Amber, Odor/Scent: Slight, -20 to 300 deg F, 0.9 Specific Gravity, >212 deg F Flash, 6 g/L VOC, 50000 cP Viscosity
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Hercules® 300 Degree Plumber's Grease uses a unique petroleum-based grease formula to lubricate and prevent corrosion on valve stems, faucets, ballcock linkage, and other places where a water-resistant grease is needed. Behold the power of Hercules®, products built to last and trusted by plumbers to withstand even the toughest conditions.
Proposition 65 Warning
Petroleum based grease lubricates and prevents corrosion on valve stems, faucets, ballcock linkage and other places where a water resistant grease is needed|Smoothes and eases hard turning faucets, use on sump and sewage ejector pump linkage to prevent corrosion and sticking|Assures free movement and extended life|Not melt like ordinary greases|For use on steam and hot/cold water systems|Features non-hazardous and non-toxic|Waterproof, will not dissolve into stream, resists wash out even in severe water flow or water wash situations|Safe for use with potable water
OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200
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