Nickel-Rich™ High Temperature Anti-Seize and Lubricant, 8 oz Can, Silver

REC73851 MFG #: 73851
RectorSeal® Nickel-Rich™ Anti-Seize and Lubricant, High Temperature, Can, 8 oz, Composition: Nickel, Silver, Petroleum, 2600 deg F, 1.1 Specific Gravity, 430 deg F Flash, 0 g/L VOC, Flammability: 1
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For use in refineries, petro-chemical plants, power facilities and settings like burner tips, furnace hinges, heat exchangers, reactor bolts, manifolds, manhole studs, keyways and bushings and do not use on oxygen and industry use only by trained professionals
United States of America
Chemically insert and resists attack by acidic and caustic chemicals- Contains no lead, copper, graphite, chlorides or other halogens, phosphorous or silicones|Prevents seizure/galling for easy breakout up to 2600 deg F (1427 deg C)|Will not run, drip or settle out even on hot surfaces and brushable down to 0 deg F (-18 deg C) and will not dry out or harden in storage|Ideal for outdoor use- strong resistance to water wash off and unsurpassed rust and corrosions protection by water penetration or water wash off|Exceeds military specification MIL-A-907E and Nuclear Grade is approved by General Electric for use with their turbine systems in nuclear and fossil fuel applications|2 years shelf life|Our highest temperature anti-seize/lubricant can be used with ammonia, acetylene and vinyl monomers unstable near copper and uses that forbid copper and works equally on metal surfaces- stainless steel, dissimilar metal pairings and plastics/gasket materials
H: 3.75 in x W: 2.5 in x L: 2.5 in
967.68 cu-in
0.65 lb
MIL-A-907E and Nuclear Grade is Approved by General Electric
Thread & Gasket Sealants