TruFLOW™ Classic Manifold Assembly With Valves, 3/4 in Inlets x (7) 1-1/4 in Outlets, Brass

WIRA2610700 MFG #: A2610700
Uponor TruFLOW™ Manifold Assembly, Classic, 7 Outlets, 1-1/4 in Outlet, 3/4 in Inlet, 145 psi, 220 deg F, Brass, 12.6 in H x 17.8 in W
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Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems, Snow and Ice Melting Systems, Permafrost Protection Systems and Turf Conditioning Systems
UNS C3850 Brass|1-1/2 in manifold body|1.9 Cv loop|ISO 228-G 3/4 in (R20) manifold body threaded connections|ISO 228-G 3/4 in (R32) manifold body threaded connections|21 gpm fluid flow rate|TruFLOW classic manifolds are completely assembled and ready for installation right out of the box, use the TruFLOW balancing hex key (A2620002) on the internal balancing valves of the supply manifold, manifold is shipped with the appropriate number of TruFLOW Manifold Actuator Adapters (A2630028)|Accessories: A2610020: TruFLOW Loop Thermometer, A2610100: TruFLOW Manifold Extension Kit, A3010522: 4-Wire Thermal Actuator, A3020416: 2-Wire Thermal Actuator, A2620021: TruFLOW Classic Manifold Mounting Bracket, single bracket, A2620002: TruFLOW Balancing Hex Key, A2400032: Basic End Cap Gasket, spare part, R32, A2620008: Replacement O-ring for 1-1/4 in BSP Connection, A2620009: Replacement O-ring for TruFLOW Temperature/Flow Meter, A2631250: TruFLOW Manifold S and R Ball Valves, A2631251: Manifold S&R Ball Valves with Temperature Gauges, set of 2, A2631252: Manifold S&R Ball Valves set of 2, A2640027: TruFLOW Visual Flow Meter 0.25 to 2.0 gpm|7-loop
H: 4.25 in x W: 13.25 in x L: 20.5 in
19.19 lb
ASTM F877, ESR-1529, NSF-RFH, NBC of Canada, IMC, UMC
PEX Fittings