TruFLOW™ Manifold Assembly With Flow Meter, (10) 1-1/4 in Outlets, Stainless Steel

WIRA2721002 MFG #: A2721002
Uponor TruFLOW™ Manifold Assembly, 10 Outlets, 1-1/4 in Outlet, 43.8 to 145 psi, 68 to 194 deg F, Stainless Steel, 8.9 in L x 28.41 in W
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Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems, Snow and Ice Melting Systems, Permafrost Protection Systems and Turf Conditioning Systems
The 1-1/4 in manifolds with 2 through 7 loops are strategically designed with 1 in NPT ball valves to avoid adding extra costs while maintaining the maximum flow of the manifold assembly|AISI304 stainless steel|Brass CW614N-UNI EN12164, CW617N-UNI EN12165 manifold components|1 in ID manifold body|1.1 Cv manifold assembly loop|R32 manifold body threaded connections|R20 manifold loop threaded connections|14 gpm maximum fluid flow rate|The 1 in stainless-steel manifolds are fully assembled and ready for installation, manifold assembly comes with mounting brackets, isolation valves, balancing valves, fill/purge ports, air vents, ball valves, temperature gauges and end caps, Manifold adapters and fittings are sold separately|Accessories and Replacement Parts: A2771011: Mounting Bracket for Stainless-steel Manifold, 1-1/4 in, replacement part, set of 2, A2771021: Stainless-steel Manifold Flow Meter 1.5 GPM Valve Body, replacement part, A2771030: Stainless-steel Manifold Isolation Valve Body, replacement part, A2771035: Stainless-steel Manifold Isolation Valve Body, O-ring, replacement part, A2771040: Stainless-steel Manifold Replacement Gasket for R32 Union Connection, A2771060: Spacer Ring VA10 for White Thermal Actuator|Isolation and balancing, ball valves, 4 loops
H: 4.17 in x W: 15 in x L: 33 in
19.62 lb
PEX Fittings